Certification Program

Knowledge and training are our passion, that is why we constantly develop and seek new ideas.


In Verseo we have introduced a proprietary training system, that provides great results and has already proven that at the moment Verseo is one of the best developing agencies in Eastern and Central Europe.

To honor our team’s constant development and partners in July 2016 we have prepared 2 levels of certification on the individual level.

Level 1

Verseo Campaign Manager Certificate

A specialist who can create and optimize online campaigns using VCM

Practical test

Level 2

Master Verseo Campaign Manager

Minimum requirements:

  • 6 Google Partner exams
  • Digital Sales exam
  • Google Partners or Verseo Academy training sessions (5 days)
  • TDMA training session (1 day)
  • 3 positive references
  • 5 branch articles on blogs / portals
  • 100 Google Adwords online campaigns create
  • 5 campaigns conducted using automatic systems such as VCM or Doubleclick
  • Monthly managed budget of 50 000 PLN
  • 1 year of experience

Presentation of a given issue – 10 minutes.
Oral exam – 20 random questions regarding Google AdWords, VCM, Bing, Facebook
Sales Simulation of a chosen product – minimum 10 minutes

Channels of distribution

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