Learn more about VCM – Verseo Campaign Manager – complex online campaign optimization and management platform. VCM is the first platform of such type in Poland and Middle and Eastern Europe.

Check how VCM work on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_8y0XYvkgk

Who can benefit from VCM ?

Any company that plans to or is already promoting itself online, no matter the size or number of employees.

What size of the online campaigns can VCM manage?

Any size – we have designed VCM for campaigns that include even as little as 5 keywords and as much as 1 000 000 keywords.

Which advertising channels does VCM manage?

VCM manages channels such as Google AdWords, Google Merchant Center, Google Display Network, Facebook, YouTube, Bing, Yandex. If you want to know whether or not
VCM can manage other channels then those mentioned above – contact us!

Is VCM only for Polish online campaigns?

VCM was created to manage campaigns in every country , not only in Poland. With VCM you will succeed no matter where you live!

Can every campaign be managed by VCM?

Every campaign can be modified to run smoothly via VCM. Prior modifications are very important. Connecting VCM to an poorly designed campaign can bring unwanted results.

How can I check if my campaign can be managed by VCM?

Before we connect the account to VCM we perform a free audit and verify whether it is possible. Depending on the results of the audit we can immedietely connect the campaign or suggest implementation of necessary changes.

Can VCM work without a specialist?

VCM supports the work of a specialist in a significant way. It can not work without a specialist. That is why every client who uses VCM is assigned with a dedicated specialist, who creates the campaign and offers support.

When will the effects of VCM be visible?

It all depends on the type of the campaign and the amount of data. The effects can be visible on the following day or 1-2 months after the activation. Let us make one thing clear VCM is not a tool for short periods of time or for impatient clients. That is why we will not allow VCM to be connected to a campaign for couple of days or 1 month – it doesn’t make sense and doesn’t bring the desired results.

How will I know what effects VCM has on my campaign?

Client receives regular reports with data regarding the campaign and particular channels of advertising.

Do I need any additional integrations?

No VCM platform is fully integrated with Google AdWords, Bing and Facebook. If possible we can integrate any channel with VCM. The platform manages all types of Google AdWords campaigns such as Search Engine, DSA, Campaigns with list of products or GDN.

Is the VCM campaign more expensive than the usual campaign?

No. In many campaigns VCM technology is included in the price and when the project is big the price is set individually. (Usually 2% – 6% of the managed budget)

I am using DoubleClick Search now, is VCM better?

It all depends on the type of the campaign and its target. I some campaigns DoubleClick can be better in some VCM can yield better results. VCM is certainly more automatic in terms of campaign management. In Verseo you can try both technologies and pick the best.

Does Google accept usage of such platform in the process of Google AdWords campaign optimization?

Yes, Verseo created the VCM platform with Google’s full support and acceptance.

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